Recruiting Veterans – ACCA Has A New Resource To Help – Howard, MD

   Finding Qualified employees is a struggle that most contractors face. The conversation about how to recruit employees appears on the ACCA Contractor Forum frequently and ACCA receives questions about it all the time. The question really boils down to: where do you find these employees to fill the workforce?

Over the past decade a new group of qualified people has emerged as a prime group for contractors to look at…VETERANS! With the end of the combat missions in the Middle East and the reduction in our military force, there is a large pool of veterans who are looking to transition into the civilian workforce. These veterans are some of the best candidates, because they understand the need to follow processes and procedures closely to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone. Add to that they are usually hardworking, self-starters and you have a winning combination for potential employees.

Where do you find veterans, you may ask. Since the military recruits from all over the country, and people often times go back to their hometowns after getting out of the service, there are veterans everywhere. There has also been a nationwide effort to encourage employers to hire veterans, so there are often events that you can attend to find these candidates. And ACCA wants to help make those events successful for you.

Recently, ACCA published a customizable flyer that ACCA members can download for free to use at veteran recruiting events. The one page flyer highlights some of the benefits of working in the indoor environment industry, such as: paid training; jobs are in demand all over the country; you can earn a great salary; and there are all types of jobs available.

This flyer is just one of the many free downloads ACCA has available for its members. You can check out the full download library here.

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