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Commercial HVAC Cooling Repair, Installation & Maintenance | Maryland

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During the sweltering hot months of summer and freezing months of winter, it’s a top priority for your business to have the proper heating and cooling, as well as the proper ventilation.

Our HVAC professionals at Maryland based Comfort Tech Heating And Cooling Solutions understand the importance of reliable heating and cooling for your business; no matter its size.

Specializing in commercial air conditioning for commercial buildings and industrial facilities, our technicians know that when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly, you need immediate assistance and ongoing support for always keeping your equipment running. We respect your time as seriously as the repairs themselves, which is why we make sure we are constantly focusing on high quality, as well as exceptionally fast response times. When you contact Comfort Tech Heating And Cooling Solutions, you can always expect service within 24 hours, and often times sooner.

Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Serving All of Maryland

Unfortunately, your business’ air conditioning unit doesn’t always malfunction during the typical 9-5 business hours window, but waiting around for business hours to start up again for a repairman to come out can mean losing big bucks for you and your business. Our HVAC professionals are available 24 hours a day, (Except Holidays and Weekends) to come out to your commercial location for emergency repairs.

Trustworthy AC Installation, Repair, & Maintenance

Commercial Air Conditioning Service Lansing MI - 24/7 AC Repairs | Pro-Tech Mechanical - commercial-air-conditioning-repairWhile our technicians are great at working with your existing units, we also specialize in new equipment installations, as well as new construction and equipment inspections. From the first day you open your commercial business and need your equipment installed, repaired, or inspected, call Comfort Tech Heating and Cooling Solutions!

Our HVACR professionals want to ensure that your systems are up and working in excellent condition year-round. A good portion of repairs are avoidable with the proper education on how to use and care for your systems, as well as having consistent maintenance to keep up with the regular wear and tear that comes with time and use.

Chiller Testing and Repair Services

We have years of experience and some of the best chiller mechanics in the business. Many of Maryland’s largest building owners and property managers have depended on us for years. Including Major and Minor services. Rebuilds, overhauls, teardowns and retrofits.

Emergency Service

Twenty-four hours, (Except holidays and Weekends). Work performed by expert technicians, with special emergency response as required.

Your commercial or industrial property is important to you, whether it be because of the money you poured into it or the items that the location is holding. Because of that, your property is also important to us. Our experienced technicians will apply their 15-plus years of knowledge, hands on experience, and care to each and every job. We also specialize in server and data room temperature control.

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Whether you are running a large-scale commercial kitchen or you are in the beginning stages of opening up large retail location, and you need your central air to be ready for opening day, our technicians are the perfect professionals for the job. From AC, heating and ventilation, air balancing, to indoor air quality and inspections, we will get the job done correctly, on time, and in your budget. We proudly service the Anne Arundel, Carroll, Baltimore, Harford, Baltimore City, Frederick, and Howard areas, so give us a call today!